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The annual Halloween is coming, how are you ready to host or participate in a Halloween party?

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November 1st is the traditional festival in western countries - All Saint's Day or All Hallow's Day. As the name suggests, "Saint" means "seeing the saints", which means that this is a "day of saints in the world" to celebrate the saints. And we often say Halloween refers to the Halloween night "The eve of All Saints' Day", that is, the night of October 31st.

There are many legends about the origin of Halloween, but one version that is widely circulated is that Halloween is generally believed to be derived from the traditional Celts (Samhain) festival. Samhain means "end of summer" in Old Irish Gaelic, so for the Celts, October 31st is the most important day of the year. They believe that the boundary between the human world and the underworld will be weakened at the turn of summer and winter. At this time, the "elf" or "fairy" will easily cross the boundary and come to the human world, so the Celts will carry out the war on the night of October 31st. Various activities include disguise, divination, bonfires, and other activities to scare off the gods who cross the line.

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Trick-or-treating Trick-or-treating


Trick or Treat is a classic Halloween celebration in the UK, US, Canada, and other countries. In the eyes of Western children, Halloween is a great time for them to transform into their favorite characters. Not only that, but they can "do whatever they want" in begging for candy, and get small candies to satisfy their cravings from every household along the street. Once their request for candy is rejected, the family may suffer from the infinite creative tricks of the "bear boy".

Today, asking for candy at home is a joyful activity for children, but the Celts of old, disguised themselves as ghosts and asked for offerings to imitate the undead. actions to protect themselves. So the "Treat or trick" that kids yelled at when they knocked on the door only became popular later on.

Trick-or-treatingApple bobbing

Apple bobbing

Another custom not to be missed on Halloween is bobbing for apples. People would put apples in a large bowl of water and let children bite the floating apples without their hands, whoever got the first one would win. Children are mostly participants in this activity, but it is not limited to children.

star Halloween

Why bite into an apple on Halloween? I believe that everyone has seen apples on many festive occasions, such as the bridal party night in China or the protagonist's insistence on not cutting off the apple skin. For historical reasons, the apple is not only a healthy fruit, it is also related to marriage and love. November 1st is not just Halloween, but Pomona Day in ancient Rome. According to legend, the custom of biting apples began during the Roman invasion of Britain. The ancient Romans brought an apple tree (representative of the fruit tree goddess Pomona), and then unmarried women scrambled to bite the apple floating in the water or hanging on a rope. Soon you will be blessed by the god of love.


In addition, the apple harvest period is also around Halloween, so people will drink apple wine and eat toffee apples during Halloween. Toffee apples like this always remind me of the sugar apples we eat all the time. Maybe this is the same recipe, with different flavors~

Halloween star



I believe everyone is familiar with the masquerade. English clubs in many colleges will also hold such a small dance every Halloween to let us participate. The masquerade evolved gradually from the Celts who disguised themselves as ghosts to scare off the undead. Everyone who attended the dance was present in all sorts of funny images. When it is difficult for everyone to recognize the people around them, the Halloween masquerade is an opportunity to show off your personality and let yourself go.

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Foreign netizens voted for the Top 8 Halloween makeup looks, each of which is a classic Halloween style! If you want to stand out at a masquerade or a Halloween party, you might as well look at other people's "demon" outfits.

main color horror




This is one of the most popular and common Halloween costumes. 

Traits: death-colored cloak; pale complexion; blood-stained lips; fangs with cold air

Although this kind of dress is not unique, when standing with other partners who are also incarnated as vampires, there is always an illusion that "The Vampire Diaries" can start shooting at any time.




The image of Frankenstein comes from Mary Shelley's work Frankenstein ("Frankenstein"). Anyone who has seen this work must have lingering fears about the horror effect brought by this image.

Traits: Patchwork face made of needles and thread; skin tissue fastened with nails; burly height; sinister green complexion

The fright factor of this artificial monster lies in its inhuman appearance in its poor craftsmanship. Those who want to create a scarier effect than the picture can read an excerpt from the book describing the weirdo before applying makeup, and the attention to some details can add a lot to your look!




Zombie modeling is a kind of dressing that emphasizes taste, because every time I see such an image, I always think of scenes from various zombie movies in my mind. If this shape is combined with a limping walking style and a shaking head from time to time, the stimulating effect created by this will scare your friends around you.

Characteristics: Eyeballs without pupils; rotting muscles; mottled blood on skin

Students who choose this dress must also have strong psychological qualities because this is an image that is easy to be scared by themselves when looking in the mirror.

The sudden rise of the funny style




In the funny style of dressing, Katy Perry (fruit sister) can be said to be on her own. This is the Cheetos (Cheetos puffed food) shape adopted by Sister Fruit in 2014. To make this french series come alive, Sister Fruit's lip color and nail color are the same as the clothing color.

Features: uniform orange clothing; deep-rooted foodie spirit

The pressing trend of the fruit bag of Cheetos fries seems to announce to the world: "I am a french fries elf who just came out of it." If a classmate wants to challenge the role of food, carefully studying the shape of these french fries should be able to Lots of inspiration.




This is probably the easiest Halloween costume I've ever seen. Such an abstract style can be said to have undoubtedly entered the ranks of funny styles. Wearing a white cloth, Lady Gaga perfectly interprets what the ghost of Halloween is. Her open hands are playing the state of a ghost that is about to pounce on the prey, and at first glance, it also reveals a hint of joy that victory is imminent... ...well, I can't make it up anymore...

Features: A piece of white cloth with two holes cut; no cost; no makeup

But this dress can be said to be a work that makes people laugh and is deeply unexpected. The most important thing is that you only need a tablecloth or a sheet, cut two holes, and you can win...perfect~




right! You read that right, this is another Halloween image created by Sister Fruit's whimsy - a microphone. A prerequisite for choosing to play a mic is seriousness because mics don't have teeth. To gain this essence, Sister Fruit has always maintained this bitter and hated expression, because she wants to make the colors of all parts of the microphone orderly, without the slightest error.

Characteristics: smile without missing teeth; expressionless (best); keep straight at all times; not afraid of heat

If you don't mind your friends whose faces are painted in different colors, you might as well try this, because, in addition to attracting attention, you can also learn how to be a serious person in the process.

cute anime style


Little Red Riding Hood and Granny Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood and Granny Wolf

Cartoon costumes are generally the favorite of children, but every adult also has a childlike innocence. Girls who don't like being too funny can choose this Little Red Riding Hood dress to take a normal line of cartoon style on Halloween.

Features: a skirt with a red hood and little red cape; normal makeup

Although there is no scary and weird effect, choosing this dress can at least continue to be beautiful in a group of "monsters and ghosts".


Princess Elsa

After the release of the movie "Frozen", Princess Elsa became a role that many people were eager to imitate on Halloween. With the sky blue princess dress, golden hair, and exquisite makeup, this dress can simply fulfill the princess dream in the hearts of many girls.

Features: blue princess dress; golden wig; ready to sing Let It Go.

Compared with the black theme of Halloween, Princess Elsa in blue adds a touch of elegance and mystery to Halloween.

After learning the story behind Halloween and some outfits, you might also want to know the shopping list below.

Party costumes for adults, kids, and pets are the top three most popular Halloween product categories, along with candy and home decor. In addition, Halloween party decoration is also the focus of everyone's purchase.

So, what products are you preparing for Halloween this year?

Featured clothing, themed peripherals

People will choose special costumes when they go to parties on Halloween, and these special costumes are often inspired by cosplay + social media + game characters, and hot topics of popular movie stars.

According to data analysis, the most popular character costumes and themes on the shopping platform are mostly superheroes, vampires, pirates, zombies and witches, Star Wars characters, villains in horror movies, and video game characters.

Here is a list of Halloween-themed hotspots from previous years

Creepy Cartoon/Creepy cartoon character

"Cult Horror" Cult/Film Horror Fever

Brick or Treat/Block craze

Halloween/Alternative Weird Recommendations

"Costume" Party Costume Special Introduction

Pirates & Woman Superhero/

Pirates and Superheroes Themed Costumes

Halloween Pets Parade/

Halloween Pet Dress-Up Tour

In addition to the costumes, wigs, shoes, themed accessories, and other products that fit the theme of the Halloween party brought by classic elements, what else can we stock up on before Halloween?

Halloween Other Party Supplies

No matter what party it is, decoration and food are indispensable, and we can also prepare from this aspect

  • Plates, napkins, cups
  • Electronic monster toys
  • Spiders and fake spider webs
  • Trims on doors, walls, curtains

Pumpkin, Tool Kit, Carving Knife

The jack-o-lantern originated in Ireland and flourished in the United States.

There are several versions of the legend between pumpkins and Halloween, and it has become one of the must-have items for Halloween.

Carve jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins, and when Halloween comes, children will carry a jack-o-lantern around the house, "Trick-or-treat", hanging jack-o-lanterns on the windows Indicates that the host welcomes children in Halloween costumes to knock on the door for candy.

So whether it is a plastic pumpkin or a real pumpkin, Halloween, pumpkin is a must-have item for people, and "Trick-or-treat" is also the most important Halloween event.

Trick or Treat Supplies:

  • Plastic Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Carving Tool
  • Big bag for candy
  • Shaped candy plates and jars

Parents will start shopping for party costumes for their kids and babies in July; meanwhile, a cohort of millennials will start looking online and on social media for Halloween costume inspiration. The peak of Halloween consumption will be in mid-September. During this time, adults and children will devote themselves to finding the most suitable party costumes for themselves and even pets.

Act now.