Why use tablecloth on 2022?


Who would have the heart to play with a mobile phone in front of a beautiful tablecloth?

European famous process design standards, the price is close to the people, it is suitable to buy a few more for washing.

Why use tablecloth

Of our partners in California, when the seasons change every year, one of our partners in California will change the table and chairs in his office with tablecloths, cushions and chair cushions suitable for the season, and the flowers and green plants displayed in the house also change with the seasons.

Every time I see her, she dresses up so delicately; a 50-year-old woman looks 40, full of energy, optimism, and sunshine.

It can be seen that the meticulous collocation every day and ordering these small objects in the office have brought a lot of fun to her life. And people with such an attitude to life, let alone 50 years old, are rare even among my peers. More people cannot feel the joy of life and become a little numb.

Why use table cloth

One of my "technical male" friends said a little melancholy before: "It seems that there is no fun without making money every day, but even if you make money, you are not as excited as before." Every time I hear this, I am very excited. Finally, I sighed, "Why do you want to be happy? You can only get rich." Many adults seem only to have the joy of life to make money.

A good movie, a set of well-matched clothes, and a cup of coffee made by yourself can bring complete joy to life. The sense of ritual in life itself is a kind of fun. But many people have long lost their sensibility to such beautiful little things and even feel that it is a bit contrived, which is sad.

When we make tablecloths, I am afraid that it is also "eating salted fish dipped in sauce", which is superfluous in many people's eyes.

Why use table cloths

Most families may never want to put a tablecloth on their dining table for the rest of their lives. However, it may seem to some people that linen tablecloths are no different from linen sheets, the same fabric, similar colours, just changed the size and added some details.

But to me, this is a beautiful little thing that can bring joy to people, and it is necessary to create a sense of ritual in a good life. An ordinary table covered with a tablecloth will immediately look advanced. Those sensual dining table scenes in foreign movies and photos can be realized at home.

Why use tablecloths

Before 2020, we will spend a lot of time travelling around Europe every year. As a result, department stores, street shops, and second-hand flea markets have some knowledge of tablecloths in many countries and decades ago.

Why use table cloth in 2022

About a year ago, we launched two tablecloths imported from India, one is a silk-cotton blended gold-edged tablecloth, and the other is a pure cotton Cutwork tablecloth. After they are sold out soon, we will replenish the pristine cotton Cutwork tablecloth once. I came back to China in August last year and had been waiting for the linen tablecloths to be ready and put on the market together.

The linen tablecloth is the first time we have made it. Before every time we made linen bedding, we thought of leaving some cloth as a tablecloth, but when it came to the joint, the cloth was still used as bedding, and it was never made.

The linen tablecloth this time is also specially woven in 2022.

It is specially made by taking the sample of the big European tablecloth we bought before, analyzing the count, density, weaving, dyeing and sewing.

various tablecloths

Before introducing the new tablecloths launched this time, let's popularize some tablecloth knowledge a little:▼


1. Linen tablecloths


The linen tablecloths that we see most in famous department stores in Europe are usually linen napkins. There are many colours and craftsmanship. There are solid colours and yarn-dyed plaids.


The material and colour of linen tablecloths can be no different from linen sheets.

There are solid colour linen tablecloths, and there are many with simple craftsmanship, such as this linen tablecloth with yarn-dyed craftsmanship.

Striped Linen Tablecloth

2. Vinyl tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloth

What we can see in China may be mostly printed tablecloths, but we see few of them in foreign countries. I don't know if we didn't pay attention, or there are few. Foreign tablecloths are primarily white, elegant and straightforward, and not too flowery.

But printed textiles are mainstream worldwide, so there are quite a few beautiful printed tablecloths.

3. Linen tablecloths, napkins


The new linen tablecloths and napkins we have launched this time have two styles: a natural lazy style treated with a unique sand washing process and the other is a refined and flat, advanced simple style.

Sand-washed cotton linen tablecloths are made of close-edged craftsmanship. They are divided into white and original hemp colours. There are 14 pieces, and the weight is 150. It is slightly thicker and more formal and advanced.

The flat ironed linen tablecloths and napkins are made of European-style drawstring hollow craftsmanship, white colour, 12 pieces, 110 grams, slightly thinner, to highlight the laziness.

■ DuPont TELFON (Teflon) coating

We have given these two tablecloths an oil-repellent treatment compared to regular linen tablecloths. This technology is not unusual; it is DuPont's TEFLON (Teflon) coating.

water-proof tablelcoth

This coating is a patented technology of DuPont in the United States. It is a coating specially used for textiles. It is more stain-resistant than ordinary linen tablecloths & napkins. A small number of oil stains on the tablecloth can be wiped off quickly, and it is easier to clean. More people like linen tablecloths and are too lazy to change and wash them frequently.

The new product that has just finished coating is in this state. However, the layer will gradually become thinner as the number of washes increases. The effect of the final coating is not that it does not stain with oil, but it is easy to wash after it is stained with oil.

However, to maintain the original texture of flax fibre, we did not do a robust coating process, which made the coating factory very incomprehensible.


It is straightforward. If you do 100% coating treatment, the linen tablecloth and napkin will become plastic cloth, which is easy to wash, but it will not have the natural texture of linen.


This kind of coating product is often based on sacrificing the user experience. For example, our marble dining table does not use the general-purpose coating like a thick film on the market. Instead, if you use it, you will feel it. It's not a stone anymore, but I feel like I'm on a plastic table, eating every day.

We have used the coated linen tablecloths and placemats this time for two or three months at home. The antifouling effect can generally be said: that the oil will still stick, but it is easy to clean. If you have robust demand for anti-oil pollution, it is recommended to buy it carefully. That is not perfect, and you want to have the texture of linen and not stick to oil, which is impossible.

■ Sewing process

grey linen tablecloth

The two tablecloths' fabric specifications and design processes with different styles are also other.

Sand-washed cotton linen tablecloths are lighter and lighter, creating a passive, light and natural feel. This table cloth is designed with sophisticated contrasting colours and dense edge details; the embroidery thread is a customized embroidery thread imported from Japan, bright in colour and durable.

Flat ironed linen tablecloths and napkins are custom-made thicker linen fabrics with delicate European-style drawstring hollow details, and the sewing process is complicated and more advanced.

■ Product Information


This oblong tablecloth measures 4 different sizes by 52" in Width x 70" in Length (132 x 182cm), 60" in Width x 84" in Length (150 x 213cm), 60" in Width x 102" in Length (150 x 259cm), 60" in Width x 120" in Length (150 x 305cm), size deviation is between 1 to 2 inches, suitable for rectangle and oblong tables.

These tablecloths are Dust-Proof and wrinkle-free. Easy cleaning. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry. Hand washes better and requires little or no ironing. Do Not Bleach.

Use this tablecloth to add a stylish look to your desk and protect it from scratches and stains. This fabric is a square or rectangular design with a soft linen style that perfectly matches any table, adding elegance and modernity to your mealtime.

■ Product Information

Material: Linen, cotton
Premium Quality Tablecloth Manufactured from super, hard-wearing cotton linen fabric. It won't be easily frayed after long-term use; an inherent quality of natural, handcrafted linen pieces only adds to their beauty.
Versatile Table Protector: This rectangular tablecloth is reminiscent of casual dining and perfect for everyday meals with the family, parties, birthdays or special holiday gatherings, indoor and outdoor use, weddings and more.
Decoration Your Home: Add flowers, candles or a seasonal centrepiece to the tablescape. And keep dust off and protect your table, tablecloth and furniture tops against scratches, scuffs, and stains while still showing the beauty of your table and furniture tops.

This rectangle tablecloth measures 4 different sizes by 52" in Width x 70" in Length (132 x 182cm), 52" in Width x 90" in Length (133 x 229cm), 52" in Width x 108" in Length (133 x 275cm), 55" in Width x 55" in Length (140 x 140cm), size deviation is between 1 to 2 inches, suitable for rectangle and oblong tables.

Accessible to Care: These tablecloths are Dust-Proof and wrinkle-free. Easy cleaning. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry. Hand wash better, require little or no ironing. Do Not Bleach.

Purchase Notes

Purchase Notes

1. The two linen tablecloths are different in thickness, thickness, and weight. The dense-edged version takes the light and lazy route, and the drawn-out hollow version takes the advanced and straightforward way. If the thickness of the linen tablecloth is high, it is recommended to choose the hollowed-out style.

2. Both linen tablecloths and napkins are treated with DuPont TEFLON anti-oil coating. However, to retain the basic texture of linen, we made the coating thinner, so the protection is not very strong. After trial, the most significant function of our protective coating is to help washing, dirt and oil, etc., can be removed by gently rubbing.

If the requirements for the coating are thick and entirely non-sticky for oil or even water, then don't buy it.

Similarly, hand-made tablecloths cannot be horizontal and vertical, and some sizes will have slightly deviated. If you are particularly concerned, please do not buy them.

3. For washing pure cotton tablecloths, please hand wash or gentle machine wash mode, which can protect the product and prolong its service life. Also, do not twist too hard after washing.