15 Decor Tips For Your Dining Table Everyday


Compared with the living room, the dining room may be more representative of "the temperature of a home".

Chinese people say that "people take food as their heaven", even if you don't want a living room, you have to have a restaurant. There are even many young couples who are renovating and saying: "The restaurant is not good-looking, so I won't eat!"

This is a bit of an exaggeration, but at the end of the day, it still expresses our increasingly strong vision to make the restaurant look good.

Even when you aren’t entertaining, or eating outdoors (and not in the dining room), it’s nice to keep your dining table fresh with simple, everyday décor. Instead of keeping your table blank or with a protector or table cloth on…consider these.

Today, I will show you how to make the dinner rooom more "eatable"!

15 Tips For Everyday Decor On Your Dining Table - This is the most popular post updated post for 2022

1. How to match the color of the restaurant

The color matching of the restaurant follows the premise of the overall style, keeping it comfortable and warm.

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Use one hue as the main color of the entire restaurant interior. It can create a quiet and peaceful effect and form a good sense of space

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Similar shades

Generally, two or three colors that are close to each other on the color circle, such as yellow, orange, orange-red, blue, blue-violet, and purple, are easy to create a harmonious and rich dining environment.

Complementary shades

Using the colors in the relative positions on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple, one of which is the primary color and the other is the secondary color, the contrast and matching make the interior vivid and bright so that people can quickly obtain Attention and interest.

2. How to arrange restaurant lighting

In fact, for a restaurant with a small area, only one ceiling can provide good lighting and create a warm living room atmosphere.

However, we found that multiple combination chandeliers are also very popular∇

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The common size of the single-head chandelier in the restaurant is 35-50 cm in diameter. When two or three chandeliers are combined, the diameter should not exceed 40 cm. To ensure the overall sense of coordination in space.

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3. How to choose a dining table?

Folding table

Some movable or wall-mounted folding tables can be unfolded when in use and put away when not in use, which is flexible and convenient, and can effectively save space.

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Small round table

You can also choose a small round table that can be moved at any time. It is flexible and compact, and some small spaces can be used to create a daily dining environment.

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Or directly integrate the restaurant into the kitchen or aisle to form an open design that incorporates the dining and kitchen/restaurant aisle.

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Does the ordinary apartment type choose a round table or a square table?

The biggest difference between the two table types is the space requirement.

For those who like to have dinner parties and have an independent Founder's restaurant at home, it is much more convenient to choose a round table; a small round table is suitable for a corridor space or aisle.

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The square table is the most suitable for the rectangular restaurant structure, and it is also the table type suitable for most families.

Small reminder:

If the family does not often have dinner together and there are only 3-4 people most of the time, then choose a square table with confidence.

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4. How to choose a sideboard

When it comes to sideboards, it may not seem like a necessity in every home, but it does a lot.

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①Display function: It can be used as a display table to display decorations, vases, or photos on weekdays, which can make the restaurant look more delicate and beautiful;

②Dining table auxiliary: When necessary, the sideboard can also be used as a storage auxiliary for the dining table, and rice cookers, kettles, etc. can be placed on the sideboard to keep the dining table simple;

③Wine cabinet display: a wine cabinet can be added to the sideboard, which can be used as a wine cabinet for storing wine;

④Storage: The closed part of the cabinet can also be used as a storage function.

Finished Sideboard

If the budget is limited, you can directly choose the finished sideboard, simple storage, and the countertop can also be used for display.

Custom sideboard

The function of the custom sideboard is more powerful, storage + display, and the space in the middle can also be put in small electrical appliances. For example oven, and the coffee machine was turned into a small western kitchen.

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A refrigerator built into the sideboard

Generally, we put the refrigerator in the kitchen, but some families may have a small kitchen area and want a large refrigerator. You can try to arrange the refrigerator in the dining room!

Small reminder:

If you feel that the refrigerator is too big and too obtrusive, then choose the built-in, the overall feeling is strong and the sense of luxury is reflected in an instant!

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As you can see in the previous photos, I like to use table runners or tablecloths for texture or to lighten and tone down a formal table. But I also like tables without them, too!
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And those are tips for Everyday Dining Table Décor!
Decor Tips For Your Dining Table Everyday

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