How to buy a dining table?

How to buy a dining table - main

The dining table is the finishing touch of the restaurant decoration. In addition to providing basic dining functions, a stable and durable table with beautiful style and first-class texture can enhance the texture of the restaurant.

How to buy a dining table

How to choose the shape of the dining table?

  1. Square dining table

If you live alone, you are deeply social, and no people are visiting your home all year round. It is recommended to buy a small square dining table with "one meal". A person tends to feel lonely with a rectangular or round dining table, and a square is the friendliest for people who live alone. Square dining tables are usually small, suitable for small living environments, and fit with a small and fresh decoration style.

  1. Rectangular dining table

A rectangular dining table is mainstream in European and American countries. It is beautiful and versatile. It fits with modern, Nordic, industrial, and other decoration styles. It is the most practical and popular dining table regardless of the size of the space.

rectangular dining table

  1. Round dining table

The round dining table used to be the Chinese people's favorite dining table style. The family eats around the round table, which is fun and warm. The round dining table is grand and solemn, especially the marble round dining table, which is more solemn and noble. A round dining table needs a larger space to be placed. If the dining area is too small, don’t force a round table, it will look very cramped.

round dining table

It is not recommended to buy a folding table unless your living space is very small, so small that it will affect life if it is not folded. Folding tables are indeed easy to store, and some small tables can be turned into large tables, square tables can be turned into rectangular tables, and some can even be turned into round tables. But don't buy a folding table with the idea of ​​"the equivalent of buying two tables", you can only buy one table + ugly seams + trouble. Even the simple operation of a folding table can become unbearably cumbersome in day-to-day life. Most of the folding tables are never folded into another shape when they are bought, and the folding function is equivalent to vain.

 How to buy a round dining table

How to choose the size of the dining table?

If the dining area is small, less than 10 square meters, the dining table can choose a square dining table with a side length of 60 cm-70 cm. For a restaurant with a medium area of ​​about 10-20 square meters, the dining table can be a rectangular dining table with a length of 120 cm-150 cm and a width of 70 cm-100 cm or a round table with a diameter of 1 meter. A large restaurant with a size of more than 30 square meters can do whatever you want. It is recommended to choose a large round table with a turntable.

How to choose the material for the table?

Common dining table materials on the market include solid wood, marble, glass, burnt rock, and slate, each with its pros and cons.

  1. Solid wood dining table

The solid wood dining table is made of natural mahogany, oak, walnut, ebony, and other natural woods. It has a beautiful wood texture and a pure natural beautiful texture, which is pleasing to the eye at home. The natural wood skin feels warm and comfortable, not hot in summer and not cold in winter. Natural solid wood does not contain harmful ingredients, and the production process produces less pollution, which is more healthy and environmentally friendly. In the production process of synthetic materials, many additives that are harmful to the human body are added, and they will continue to be emitted during use, which is not as healthy as natural solid wood.

solid wood table

The disadvantage of solid wood is that it is prone to scratches and is not resistant to high temperatures, so it must be carefully protected. Every time my mother came to see me, I put a PVC plastic tablecloth on the solid wood dining table. This does protect the tabletop, but it takes away the beauty of natural wood, so when my mother left, I took off the tablecloth. Later, I thought of a way to protect the tabletop without destroying the aesthetics - use a heat-insulating placemat to cover the cups, dishes, and dishes.


  1. Composite wood dining table

Composite wood is made of natural log powder with additives such as adhesives and preservatives at high temperatures and high pressure. It is stronger and corrosion-resistant than natural wood. The price is lower than that of natural wood, and its appearance is almost the same as natural wood. However, because a large number of additives are added in the production process, there is a hidden danger of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. You should pay attention to the relevant quality inspection reports when purchasing. However, in the United States, environmental protection supervision is much stricter than in China, and products with excessive formaldehyde are rare. Moreover, composite wood is not as durable as natural wood, and is prone to quality problems, such as deformation, shaking, etc. If economic conditions permit, try to buy a solid wood dining table.

wood table

  1. Marble dining table

The marble dining table is noble and elegant, suitable for a more gorgeous and solemn decoration style. There are various colors such as red, white, green, black, etc., and the texture is as magnificent as the splashed ink landscape and the vast starry sky. In summer, it is very comfortable to put ice on the arm.

The disadvantage of a marble dining table is that it is too heavy to move easily. Moreover, natural marble is a stone with lower hardness, which is prone to scratches and is not resistant to corrosion. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent when cleaning, and try to avoid hitting hard objects.

  1. Glass dining table

The glass dining table has a smooth surface, is easy to clean and maintain, is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and the price is very cheap, the cheapest of all materials. There are transparent and opaque ones. The transparent glass dining table is visually transparent, and it will feel more spacious when placed in the home. The glass dining table can be any color and any pattern, and the choice is very wide.

glass dining table

Some people think that the glass dining table is easy to break and will burst when it encounters high temperature. The current tempered glass processing technology is very skilled, and there is no problem of cracking or bursting unless you hit it with a hammer. The biggest problem with tempered glass dining tables is that they have no texture and look very cheap. Of course, there are also very few designer glass dining tables that use design to make up for the lack of materials. It looks expensive, but the actual price... is also expensive!

  1. Fire Rock Dining Table

Burnt rock is not a natural stone, but a synthetic material, which is relatively light and easy to move. When it comes to burning rocks, industrial fans will not be sleepy. The surface is uneven, with basalt-like holes, like the surface of a different planet. Set up the food and take pictures to make a large film in minutes. However, because of the unevenness, the cups and bowls are sometimes uneven. The holes on the surface are easy to hide dirt and dirt, which is not easy to clean.

  1. Slate dining table

Slate is also a synthetic material, which is very strong, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant is not afraid of high temperatures , and is easy to clean. At the same time, it can be made very light and thin, with various natural stone patterns on the surface, it looks very ins, and it is very good to put food and taking pictures. Many food bloggers have tables made of slate.

There is a small problem with slate, which is that the texture is a little low-maybe many people disagree, after all, slate tables are the background of many ins blockbusters. However, the slate table looks good in pictures, but it is not so expensive in reality (and it is indeed not expensive). The texture is much better than the glass dining table, but not as good as the natural material.

In conclusion, no dining table is perfect. But I still recommend solid wood and marble dining tables, because the beauty of natural materials far exceeds that of artificial materials, and natural materials are healthier and more environmentally friendly than artificial materials.

American high-quality table recommendation

Winsome composite board small square table

How to buy a dining table Winsome

This composite wood small square table is very suitable for unique lovers. It is just right for one person to eat, not too big or not too small. If guests are visiting, it is possible to seat four people for a meal (but it is more crowded). This simple and classic design will never go out of style, with slightly tapered legs for a sleek and stylish look. The texture is subtle and chic, and the warm tones give it a homey feel.

ZINUS pine dining table

How to buy a dining table ZINUS

For this dining table, I only recommend coffee and natural colors. The white one paints the tabletop as a large whiteboard (and is also sold as a bundle with the chair), which I can’t appreciate. Both the coffee-colored and natural-colored tabletops are made of pine wood. The texture of the pine wood is very freehand, the density is random, mixed with natural tree scars, like a vortex of turbulent flow. The smell of natural pine has a purifying and bactericidal effect and is very healthy. The design is very simple, with a modern sense of fashion, suitable for one, two, or four people. The corners of the table are rounded, and the legs of the table are also round. If there are children at home, you must choose this to avoid sharp edges and corners that hurt the babies who run around. By the way, pine is not hardwood, and it is prone to scratches. Be careful to avoid bumps when using it.

Livinia Minimalist Rubberwood Dining Table

How to buy a dining table Livinia

Made of rubber wood, the surface has a delicate and delicate mountain texture, which is very high-quality. The design is simple and generous, and the edges and corners are rounded, making it more smooth, elegant, and beautiful.

Zinus pine dining table

How to buy a dining table Zinus Set

Zinus Juliet solid wood dining table + bench three-piece set

with a combination of a long table + two benches, the style is unified. It is square, horizontal, and vertical, and the legs of the table are also square, giving people a stable and practical feeling visually. The bench can be placed under the table when not in use, further saving space. Made of pine wood, although it looks sharp, the edges and corners are also rounded to avoid bumps. The whole is generous and neat, and the details are exquisite. The brand side provides a 1-year warranty.

Christopher Knight - Rubber wood solid wood dining table

How to buy a dining table Christopher Knight

Rubber wood is not oak, and its price is much cheaper than oak. It is the most cost-effective wood in solid wood furniture. Rubber wood has good toughness, is not easy to crack, easy to maintain, is uniform in texture, is beautiful in texture, easy to carve and dye is good in wear resistanoncece, and durable. The surface of rubber wood furniture is painted to prevent moth-eaten, discoloration, etc., so the surface feels smooth and delicate.

The design of this dining table is more retro in Chinese style. The legs of the table are made of beautiful arcs, which are elegant and elegant. The full set comes with four upholstered stools, which is very cost-effective.

How to buy a dining table retro

This set is also a rubber wood dining table, the style is more concise and generous, and can be matched with various decoration styles. A full set with four linen upholstered chairs and a two-person bench costs just over $700 for a full set, which is also a good value for money.

European rustic oak dining table

How to buy a dining table European style

This set of rectangular dining tables with British pastoral style, including 6 stools, is made of oak solid wood boards. The price is cheaper than that of a large oak, but it is still solid and stable, beautiful and durable, with bright and warm colors. grade.

Pure Project Vintage Dining Table

How to buy a dining table retro style

This set is a pure oak solid wood dining table. The table and chairs are all oak. The whole set has a medium-density fiberboard or particleboard. It has high hardness, sturdiness, and durability. The table and chair design have a slightly retro feel, which matches well with the historical house.

solid wood round dining table

How to buy a dining table round style

If you like a round dining table, you can start with this one, with four upholstered seats. The wood is mainly rubber wood, and it is painted with anti-cherry wood paint, which is a bit old and retro. There are four colors to choose from, which can match a variety of decoration styles.

And those are tips for how to but a dining table!

How to buy a dining table on 2022

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