21 Best Table Decoration Ideas

Think about it, how long has it been since you had a good meal?

When I'm busy at work, I'm often very quick, and I'll make do with a takeaway; I finally have time to spare on weekends, but I want to be with the bed, three meals, and two hastily errands.

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Perhaps, you also want to invite three or five friends to arrange a dinner party, but you are constantly procrastinating because you are busy and lazy.

It doesn't take many culinary skills or a lot of trouble to arrange an ordinary dinner that is pleasing to the eye. A tablecloth and a few flowers can turn the fireworks of firewood, rice, oil and salt into poetry, wine and flower tea.

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Arranging the dining table with a sense of ceremony is the emphasis and love of life. It doesn't cost a lot of money, just a little bit of your time.

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Choose some tableware to match.

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Find a vase and put a bouquet.

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lay flat tablecloth


An exquisite dining table does not need a gorgeous table and expensive tableware, but there are three key points: tableware matching, table flower arrangements, and a good tablecloth.

And how to choose and match these three to create a sense of luxury with the least amount of money is the focus of today's discussion.

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I often see photos of food bloggers on ins, often not attracted by the food but want to link the pictures of tableware. Beautiful tableware will increase the appetite and is a must for concave photos!

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You will not go wrong by grasping two essential points when choosing tableware. One is to buy a whole set, and the other is that the colour printing should not be too fancy.

The whole set of tableware itself is in colour and size,

are all matched.

On the table natural harmony.

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The colour printing of tableware should follow the principle of simplicity, and the simpler it is, the more versatile it is.

In daily use,

White tableware is the most versatile,

no matter what the occasion,

Chinese food and Western food can be perfectly held.

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If you think white is too monotonous,

You can choose colours with low saturation,

such as grey, light blue, etc.

Can bring out the bright colour of food,

Make people more appetite.

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The choice of printing patterns in the tableware is also very particular.

Please discard the red or blue flowers of "Mom's Style"!

Botanical print or Japanese style,

Simple and beautiful.

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If tableware is the foundation, then plants are the part that lights up the table's beauty.

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Putting plants on the table is not about being artificial but about food and life. At weddings and banquets, table flower arrangements are a highlight, but table flower arrangements at home do not need to be so professional or sophisticated.

The choice of flower utensils should be small rather than large.

no pretty flowers

An abandoned wine bottle, a flower,

It's ready to serve~

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In addition to drinking, the glass

Flower arranging is also a good hand.

High and low arranged in a group,

In the middle of the dining table, it is a landscape.

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let the planes fall from the sky,

can enhance the overall atmosphere,

While making dried flowers, laying out the table image

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The plants on the table should not be too fragrant. As for what flowers to choose, you can choose according to your preferences. The beauty of plants does not lie in their rarity but in nature.

Two small flowers and one green leaf,

It can bring out the beauty of the table.

21 Best Table Decoration Ideas 2022 - 18

You don't even have to buy flowers,

Wildflowers, weeds, and fruits have natural wild interests on the table.

Even more surprising.

The tablecloth is often the most overlooked part of the table setting, but in Shaoyao's view, the tablecloth is the essential part of the table setting! It is the key to sublimating life into art!

Sometimes, we put out a complete set of cutlery but also put on beautiful flowers, but it is still messy. The cutlery and flowers were all right; the problem was the tablecloth.

Friends who rent a house may have a deep understanding of it. It is a little distressing to change a good-looking table, but to change the temperament of a table is not necessary to change the table. Just put a tablecloth on it, and you can turn the decay into a high-end.

Compared with tableware and flowers, tablecloths can better reflect the owner's taste and temperament. Therefore, in selecting and matching tablecloths, it is necessary to focus on them.



The colour of the tablecloth should echo the colour of the tableware. The low-saturation solid colour tablecloth is the most common, and it looks better when taking pictures.

white or linen tablecloth,

With white or Japanese tableware,

Whether Chinese food or Western food,

It can easily hold live.

The printed tablecloths are also very nice.

But it's hard to put together.

Accidentally is the Northeast Flower.

The tablecloth is printed, and the tableware is best to use a solid colour,

The table flower arrangement should also choose a colour similar to it.

For powders that are unsure about colour matching, choose white or linen; simplicity is the most beautiful.


When it comes to the material of the tablecloth, the first thing to discard is the mother brand plastic waterproof tablecloth. This tablecloth seems practical and convenient, but it is not environmentally friendly, and it will turn yellow over time. The key is that it is hideous!

For the material of the tablecloth, peony recommends linen and lace. These two materials have a bumpy texture and have their style.

Linen is the correct way to open the literary style.

No need for too much modification,

the folds and textures of the linen itself,

Exudes a natural beauty.

Linen is solid,

There will be no shrinkage.

Good air permeability and thermal conductivity,

and easy to clean,

Even if stained with oil,

Cleans like new after a simple cleaning.

Lace has always been an elegant fabric,

Soft, retro and feminine.

The thing that attracts me most about lace tablecloths is,

Its style is changeable,

It can be rustic or retro, elegant or modern.

Lace has a see-through beauty,

In an outdoor table setting,

It blends in with nature.


In the matching and using tablecloths, it is also necessary to choose according to the environment or party theme.

gathering of friends,

plain linen tablecloth,

Simple and generous, but also beautiful enough.

New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festivals,

family dinner,

You can use a red tablecloth,

With festive elements.

Gatherings between girlfriends, afternoon tea,

There is nothing more suitable than a lace tablecloth~

If you want to live a simple life with beauty, you don't need to spend a lot; a simple tablecloth is enough. With a beautiful tablecloth, tableware and plants will not look bad.

After reading these, I don't know if you are eager to try it out and want to remodel the dining table at home and decorate it beautifully next Christmas and New Year. Friends who want to buy tablecloths, I will help you choose them.

The two tablecloths recommended today, one is a polyester tablecloth, and the other one is cotton and linen tablecloths, both of which are versatile. One tablecloth can hold all occasions.





Easy to clean and won't shrink after washing.

I bought around size,

Spread on a small round table; it is also very distinctive.

The tablecloth size is different, and the price is different.

In addition, I also specially prepared for you the latest tablecloth styles for the upcoming Independence Day.



Independence Day Patriotic Tablecloth


4th of July Tablecloth

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