Emotional restaurants are always inseparable from matching tablecloths. Tablecloths of different colours, materials and styles have become the finishing touch of table decoration. So? How to choose a tablecloth that suits your home?


1. The material of the tablecloth

The first thing to do when buying a utility item is to understand its material.


The tablecloth materials you often see are mainly: canvas, cotton, linen, cotton and linen.



Canvas fabric

Canvas is thicker cotton or linen fabric, which is durable, flat, thick, and has a certain waterproof function. Therefore, it is the most suitable as a tablecloth.


>>> Pure hemp

Pure hemp fabric

Pure linen is quite soft; think about the linen shirt you wear in the summer.

Pure hemp tablecloth

Use as a tablecloth to make the whole space feel warm and soft.

The biggest disadvantage of pure hemp material is that it is easy to wrinkle, especially after washing it will become wrinkled.

Solution: Hand wash, spread out to dry after washing, and flatten with an iron.



Cotton fabric

Cotton and linen are the most common materials used in tablecloths.

The characteristics of cotton and linen are stocky, soft and good drape. In addition, it inherits the characteristics of thick canvas and soft cotton and linen.


>>>Waterproof coating

Waterproof coating

There is also a waterproof coating; the material is between cotton and linen and waterproof plastic.

The texture of this tablecloth is relatively hard, and the colour is mainly solid and monotonous. Therefore, it should not be cleaned frequently. 

Waterproof tablecloth

Suitable for minimalist home style.


2. Choose the right size

Usually, the dining table height is 70~77cm, and the sagging surface around it is ideal at 20~30cm.

Round tablecloth options:

Diameter + sagging 30CM on each side

For example, the diameter of the table is 90CM, then you can use a tablecloth with a diameter of 150CM, or a tablecloth with a diameter of about 150*150CM


 Square tablecloth options:

That is, the width of the tablecloth = the width of the table + the length of the hanging surface x2

Tablecloth length = table length dimension + hanging surface length x2

As for whether the sagging surface is 20cm or 30cm, you can choose according to your preferences~


 Coffee table and tablecloth options:


The coffee table is generally about 45~50cm high, so the tea table cloth should not be too large, and the sagging edge should not be too much.


3. Choose tablecloth according to style


In addition to the basic material and size, the most important thing in choosing a tablecloth is the colour and style.


The tablecloth is unlike other fabrics; you can choose the colour. As a part of the environmental colour, the tablecloth will affect the mood of people dining and the layout of the overall home style.


1. The tablecloth should match the home style


Choose a tablecloth that matches your home style to keep the environment consistent, and the tablecloth won't look abrupt.

simple design tablecloth

Light colours with low purity should dominate a minimalist style restaurant.

linen tablecloth

The overall tones of the Nordic style are mostly black, white and grey.

Try to choose black, white, blue, and grey for tablecloths with geometric patterns.

white tablecloth
The wood-coloured tables and chairs, the floor and the pure white tablecloth, are extraordinarily simple and stylish.
green patten tablecloth

The pastoral mint green walls, with green patterned tablecloths, have a fresh and elegant feeling.


2. Match the colour of the surrounding environment


If you are unsure about the decoration style of your home, or you like a tablecloth with a more abrupt colour, you should match the colour of the surrounding environment.


>>>A The same colour

the hue circle-same colour

It's called the hue circle.


Colours that are 60 degrees apart on the hue circle are homochromatic.


The hues are relatively close, making it easier to match.

red checkered tablecloth

American-style restaurant, with red and orange in the same colour.

The red and white checkered tablecloth complements the red fridge and orange dining table.

blue grid tablecloth

The sky blue tie-dyed cotton cloth is paired with blue porcelain and white dining chairs, making the whole environment full of a refreshing feeling.

light green tablecloth

The light green tablecloth and green plants are of the same colour, echoing each other to create a light and elegant dining environment.

>>>B Complementary colour


That is, colours 180 degrees apart on the hue circle and diametrically opposite.

This colour scheme has a strong visual impact.

blue tablecloth

The overall tone of the restaurant is very cool.

The blue tablecloth, red tableware, decorative paintings, and carpets form a strong colour contrast, making the space more vivid.

pink tablecloth

The pale pink tablecloth and pale green dining chairs create a strong visual contrast. Cute colours make the restaurant full of girlish feelings.

In general:

The collocation of the same colour on the colour wheel makes the whole space full of tension and looks elegant and quiet.

Complementary colours will make the space have a visual impact and appear more lively and vivid.

Finally, if you don't want to wash the tablecloth all day but want a beautiful table, buy a roll of transparent PVC transparent waterproof tablecloth (the key word is this) when you buy the tablecloth.

PVC tablecloth

Before the food is served, put the PVC transparent waterproof tablecloth on it, wipe the table after eating, and take it off...