How to crochet a pattern tablecloth?

I found a beautiful tablecloth, whoever understands it first hooks it~

Today's sharing comes from a friend who has loved weaving for many years ---- Tina

I like to weave for many years, read countless pictures, and there are only a handful of people who can fall in love at first sight.

Today's tablecloth instantly caught my eye, and I believe you will too. So I can't wait to share it, let's take a look at the picture first.

crochet tablecloth pattern

Look, everyone, isn't it too much to describe this pattern, this handwork, and this photography as "beautiful"?

However, if you want to be beautiful to a new level, you really need to work hard. Today's tablecloths are different from ordinary patterns. You can't hook a thread to the end. The pattern of each color in the middle is a hook of a flower? Or in a line? look at you~

crochet tablecloth pattern design - SASTYBALE

Because I have to continue to search for pictures at night (just like trying to buy a week's worth of dishes every weekend, of course, today this dish was encountered by chance and I like it very much, so I made it while it was fresh), so I will not study the diagram carefully, such as As the title says, whoever understands first hooks first.


crochet tablecloth pattern design in 2022 - SASTYBALE

All three pictures from today are here. If you have a soft spot for the work, plan to open the hook, or have your own opinion on the work, can you share more for us here?