The tablecloth can protect the table top and keep the table clean and decorate the restaurant so that it can be regarded as a good product for home life. So, how to choose a tablecloth?

lemon print tablecloth

1. How to choose the colour style of the tablecloth


Generally speaking, simple and neat styles can make people feel relaxed, such as white or colourless tablecloths, which can bring people a restrained and calm feeling; plaid tablecloths have a strong family atmosphere, which not only looks idyllic And at will. On the other hand, the dark blue tablecloth can present a dreamy, hazy yet elegant elegance. When choosing tablecloths with floral patterns, don't just look at the popular patterns at the time or choose too fancy styles on a whim. Although such a tablecloth can look aesthetically pleasing at first glance, it may cause "aesthetic fatigue" over time.

lemon table cloth

The tablecloth is unlike other fabrics that can be randomly selected in different colours. First of all, it is necessary to consider whether it can match a clean and tidy dining table. There is also whether the colour and style match your decoration style, which is the first consideration when choosing tablecloths. Then you can choose the change of the tablecloth according to the different seasons and occasions!


2. Choose a tablecloth according to the season


Spring gives the impression of vitality and kindness, and you can choose a tablecloth with light tones or small flowers; in early summer, you can choose a tablecloth with a green plant pattern for a warm and upward feeling; it can not only bring a touch of coolness in the hot summer It can reflect the strong greenery of summer! In autumn and winter, choose tablecloths with warm tones such as calm brown and red so the home can be warmer and warmer.

spring Tablecloth

3. Choose a tablecloth according to the occasion


Celebrate your baby's birthday, celebrate your wedding anniversary... Put on a warm or cartoon-patterned tablecloth on a special day to create a more joyous atmosphere. If there is a festive banquet at home, you can choose a festive warm colour to match and let the gorgeous warm red set off the joy and gorgeous atmosphere. Pink is softer than bright red, which relaxes emotions and increases appetite.

Independence Day Tablecloth

4. The purchase skills of tablecloths.


Tips 1. Check whether there is a colour difference on the surface, whether the pattern is clear, and whether the colour is uniform.

Tips 2. Touch it with your hand to feel whether its texture is good and whether the thickness is consistent.

Tip 3. Check whether it has a peculiar smell. Through the peculiar smell, it can be judged whether the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is too high.

Tip 4. You can cut a small sample and wipe the paper surface with a damp cloth to see if there is any discolouration.

Sastybale Blue Vinyl Round Fitted Tablecloths

5. The size of the tablecloth


Selection of round tablecloth: diameter + 30CM on each side; for example: if the diameter of the table is 90CM, then you can use a tablecloth with a diameter of 150CM or a tablecloth with a diameter of about 150*150CM.

The choice of square tablecloth: generally sagging around 15-35CM, a more suitable vertical edge size. Select the tablecloth method (the length of the tablecloth - the length of the table) / 2 = the length of the vertical edge.

SASTYBALE Christmas Tablecloth

Size selection of tea table cloth: The tea table is generally about 45-50CM high, so the tea table cloth should not be too large, the vertical edges should not be too much, and the sagging around 15CM is suitable. For example, a 60*120CM coffee table can be matched with a 90*150CM coffee table cloth!

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