We know that the living room in the family is a more important place. Generally, we will put a coffee table in the living room.

No matter what the material of the coffee table is, we can choose a suitable table cloth for the coffee table. But we know that the size of each coffee table is different, and the materials and styles are different.

When we choose the table cloth, we should also match the overall style, which is more suitable. Then the following small big to introduce to you about how to choose the selection of coffee table tablecloths and other issues.

How to Choose a Coffee Table - one of coffee shop corner

  • Coffee table tablecloth selection skills?

1. The table cloth and coffee table cloth material we usually use can be mainly divided into plastic and textile according to the production process.

Plastic tablecloths include: PVC tablecloth, EVA tablecloth, PEVA tablecloth, hot flower tablecloth, cotton-backed PVC tablecloth, PP tablecloth, etc.;

textile tablecloths include: polyester-cotton knitted lace tablecloth, pure cotton mercerized mesh button tablecloth, polyester Warp knitted jacquard tablecloth, pure cotton mercerized jacquard tablecloth, polyester cotton plain weave printed tablecloth, polyester cotton plain weave embroidered tablecloth, linen knitted lace tablecloth, polyester linen plain weave applique tablecloth, etc.

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2. Textile tablecloths and coffee tablecloths are mostly decorative. The fabrics of textile fabrics are also very healthy, with good hygroscopicity, skin-friendly and toning; after pre-shrinking treatment, they feel comfortable and the fabric is tight.

This type of tablecloth is mercerized, bright, soft and bright in color, and is the most common tablecloth in life. Among them, cotton and linen tablecloth is a good fabric, the texture is quite good, very wear-resistant and durable, this kind of fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy, and it pursues all kinds of natural things.

And satin tablecloths are mostly used in hotels, dinner parties, and weddings. The satin tablecloths look more gorgeous and noble, which is very realistic for the status of the host.

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3. Practical tablecloths The coffee table cloths are mostly made of PVC, and the PVC tablecloths are the most guaranteed of the quality of cotton-backed PVC tablecloths.

The bottom layer of the tablecloth is covered with a layer of cotton, which makes it soft and easy to fold, avoiding the hard and brittle shortcomings of traditional PVC tablecloths.

In addition, this tablecloth is not like the traditional plastic tablecloth, which is too single and dull in color, has various colors and patterns, and is easy to match with a variety of decoration styles. It is a good choice for soft decoration.

  • What are the types of tablecloths?

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1. First of all, the solid wood piece will make a clearer sound when tapped by hand, and the wood-based panel will have a low sound, and the wooden piece of the box will make a thumping drum sound.

2. Next, it is divided into three grades according to the weight of the wood: there are also light and heavyweight dried paulownia wood, and medium and heavyweight ones are pine, basswood, autumn wood, etc.

But in northern my country, the medium density is The wood is called soft miscellaneous wood (except pine), heavyweight in addition to mahogany, rosewood, in fact, there are other hardwoods such as red sandalwood, ash, ash and birch and imported Liuan wood are called hard miscellaneous wood, In summary, the wood coffee tables mentioned above are lighter than particleboard and medium density fiberboard coffee tables.

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3. However, since the coffee table is specially used to make tea, and the tea is to enter our body, we must buy it carefully.

We must choose those solid wood coffee tables with reliable quality and qualified inspection. Save a little money and buy those three no products, we would rather spend a little more money and be responsible for our own bodies.

Choice of table cloth size
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1. Selection of the size of the tea table cloth: The tea table is generally about 50-70CM high, so the tea table cloth should not be too large, and the vertical edges should not be too much. The sagging around 15CM is suitable. For example: a 70*140CM coffee table can be matched with a 100*190CM coffee table cloth!

2. Selection of round tablecloth: diameter + 30CM on each side, for example: if the diameter of the table is 90CM, then you can use a tablecloth with a diameter of 150CM, or a tablecloth with a diameter of about 150*150CM.

The choice of square tablecloth: generally sagging around 15-35CM, which is a more suitable vertical edge size. Select the tablecloth method, (the length of the tablecloth - the length of the table) ÷ 2 = the length of the vertical edge.

  • The choice of color and style of table cloth

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1. Generally speaking, simple and neat styles can make people feel relaxed, such as white or colorless tablecloths, which can bring people a restrained and calm feeling; plaid tablecloths have a strong family atmosphere, both It looks rustic and casual.

2. The dark blue tablecloth can present a dreamy hazy yet elegant elegance. When choosing tablecloths with floral patterns, don't just look at the popular patterns at the time or choose too fancy styles because of a whim. Although such a tablecloth can look aesthetically pleasing at first glance, it may cause "aesthetic fatigue" over time.

3. Spring gives a vibrant and friendly impression, you can choose a light light tone or small floral tablecloth; early summer gives people a warm and upward feeling, you can choose a tablecloth with a green plant pattern; The coolness can also reflect the vigorous greenery in summer! Choose tablecloths with warm colors such as calm brown and red in autumn and winter, so that the home can be warmer and warmer.
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The above is what SASTYBALE introduces to you about how to choose a coffee table and tablecloth. We should have some understanding of this issue. In fact, we know the importance of the coffee table in our home decoration design.

The tablecloth is also very important, so we will introduce how to choose the tablecloth for the coffee table, which should be selected according to the size of the coffee table and the style of the coffee table. Of course, these issues are worth noting in our purchase, and I hope the introduction of SASTYBALE can help you.