A successful dining table layout not only shows respect for the invited guests but also reflects the comprehensive aesthetic quality of the host, which can make the entire dining atmosphere extraordinarily beautiful.

So what can I put on my table for decoration?
What can I put on my table for decoration pink table runner

The tablecloth can change the original appearance of the dining table, play the role of unifying the style of the dining table, and make the dining more romantic.

The specifications of the tablecloth should be based on the size of the dining table, and hang 25-30 cm below.

According to ergonomics, the height of the dining table is generally about 75 cm; the height of the seat is about 45 cm.

The 25-30 cm size hanging under the tablecloth fills the height difference between the tables and chairs, just enough to cover the knees, and it will not wrap around the legs when sitting up.

Of course, such a hanging size is also the best visual ratio for the table layout.

What can I put on my table for decoration red tablecloth and napkins

The choice of tablecloth depends on your preference for color and the style of existing tableware and tableware.

The color of the tablecloth should be in contrast with the color of the tableware: light-colored tableware is matched with a dark tablecloth; dark tableware is set off with light-colored tablecloths.

In order not to destroy the unified and harmonious style atmosphere of the dining table, it is recommended to use a color arrangement in harmony with the tableware.

In order to avoid the clutter of the dining table, tableware with complicated patterns should be made of the solid color tablecloths, and vice versa.

Of course, if you have the spirit of visual rebellion, you can completely match the visual effect of the dining table with amazing color contrast according to your own preferences.

However, equipped with a versatile tablecloth made of white cotton and linen, it can basically effectively solve the above distress.

What can I put on my table for decoration - pink tablecloth and white table napkins

The table runner can play the role of finishing touch and dividing the area on the table arrangement.

Whether you have a tablecloth or not, place a table runner of the appropriate size at the top, center, or evenly divided position of the table so that it hangs naturally on both sides of the width of the table.

What can I put on my table for decoration pink table runner

Place decorations on the table runner according to the theme of the meal, and a unique dining atmosphere can be well highlighted.

As for how to choose the color and color of the table runner, it is the same as the theory for choosing the tablecloth above.

  • Placemats

What can I put on my table for decoration - placements

Similarly, placemats can also play a finishing touch in table culture.

You can choose placemats according to the theme of the meal, grasp the color system, and ensure that the style is unified with the tableware and tablecloth. The color is darker or lighter than the tablecloth, and the overall beauty can be well presented.

The standard size of the placemat is 45*30 cm and 40*30 cm, which is exactly the size of the space for one serving of tableware.

The material of the placemat should be kept the same as the tablecloth.

What can I put on my table for decoration - napkins
The napkin takes into account the three functions of meal cleaning, meal ritual, and a reminder of the start and end of meals.

The color and style of the napkin should be consistent with the dining theme.

What can I put on my table for decoration - brown table runners

Napkins should be placed on the display plate and folded into various patterns to increase the taste of dining.

Of course, it can also be folded into a rectangle and pressed under the display plate, or placed on the side of the dinner plate.

If it is a mix of Chinese and Western food, it can also be placed under the chopsticks on the right.

Don't rush to open the napkin after sitting down. The hostess is the first owner of Western food. When the hostess opens the napkin and spreads it on her lap, it indicates that the meal has started and it is time to serve.

The feast is over when the hostess puts the napkin on the table.

If the diners leave in the middle, they can put the napkin on the chair they are sitting on, indicating that they will come back to continue their meal later.

If the napkin is placed on the left side of the plate, it means: I'm done eating.

The standard size of Western napkins is 50*50 square centimeters.

Unless paper napkins can be used in place of napkins for formal occasions, napkins are the best choice.