The restaurant is an area that is frequently used in ordinary families, and the dining table is one of the indispensable pieces of furniture. The dining table can be divided into round tables and square tables. Which one is more suitable for our home life when choosing?

Choosing the right shaped table can be tricky. While rectangular tables generally rule the roost, circular and oval tables can also be a great choice depending on the space and your style preferences.

As a key piece of  furniture, the type of dining table  you pick is crucial. We've identified 4 key factors - shape, space, social, and style - to help you decide whether a rectangular or round dining table works best for your space!

Because the square dining table can be placed against the wall, it will not take up too much space, so it is more suitable for small apartments.

Most rooms are rectangular so the lines of a rectangular table echo that of the space itself and the effect is sleek and cohesive. If you often entertain large numbers of guests, rectangular tables are ideal as they’re able to accommodate a lot of people.

They can be contemporary or traditional and, given their length, they can also afford to be quite narrow. 70 cm wide still gives you enough space for seating placements and means you can be closer to the person opposite, making conversation more comfortable.

table size

However, rectangular tables can look awkward in square rooms. On the other hand, the square dining table is more suitable for more formal occasions, because there is a clear distinction between the position and the position, which makes people feel more serious.

In general, the use of square tables can make more full use of the space of the house, and it is not easy to waste space, but because of the edges and corners, the safety factor is low.


If it is a rectangular table and there are many people, it will be embarrassing to eat dishes. It cannot add a turntable in the middle like a round table. The dishes that are farther away are impossible to clip, and you can only eat what is in front of you. several dishes.

The round table delegation in China is reunited, which is more in line with Chinese tradition, and the round table has no edges and corners, and the edges and corners are very rounded. If there are old people and children at home, the round table will be more suitable.


The biggest problem with the round table is that when there are many people, it is difficult to get all the dishes, and sometimes only the dishes in front of you can be clamped. At this time, a turntable must be added to avoid embarrassment.

How to choose the table that suits you

● Look at the number of people in the family

If there are few people, choose a square table, and if there are many people, choose a round table. If you often have guests and relatives for dinner, you can choose the square table folding model, which can be transformed into a round table design just by pulling it apart.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that a circular table will need to be at least 150 cm in diameter to fit more than four people around it. Nevertheless, round tables are ideal for small gatherings and instances when you have an uneven number of guests as no one is left out.

You can refer to the picture below to choose a dining table that suits your home, and don’t forget to leave space for chairs and passages.

Our top tips for determining the right size for your dining table:
Consider how many people will typically be sitting around the table. And how big are the chairs? This will help you determine how much space you need on each side of the table. Each person needs to be allocated around 2 feet of space to avoid bashing elbows.

Then you want 3 feet extra on all sides between the table and the walls so there’s enough room for chairs and for people to move around the table easily.

Consider the legs as well as the tabletop. The table’s base influences how many people you can fit around it. Pedestals allow for more legroom and thinner legs might also mean you can fit an extra chair in if necessary.

Look at the restaurant structure of the apartment

The size of the room is an important factor affecting the choice of the dining table. If the dining area at home is relatively small, it is recommended to choose a long table, which will not take up space and appear crowded; on the contrary, if the area is more spacious, you can choose a round table, which is more atmospheric.

Look at the decoration style

Modern minimalist style decoration will tend to choose a square table because the square table itself feels modern and fashionable, and there are more styles, and there are more categories to choose from. If it is more Chinese and European style, it is recommended to choose a round table.

In fact, in general, it is recommended that you choose a square table, because the round table has high requirements for space. Generally, the dining room must have 8-12 square meters of space to put it down, which is too wasteful of space.

A good rule of thumb: allow for just shy of a meter of extra room when measuring the total occupied area of a dining table. In general, round tables are perfect for small dining corners.

In Conclusion…

So, what type of dining table should you get? It depends on how your home looks like, and the social activities surrounding your dinner table!

Both rectangular and round tables have their unique space-saving advantages, and the right design can greatly influence the ambiance of your home.